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3pcs Set Baby Silicone Bottle/Nipple/Straw Brush

3pcs Set Baby Silicone Bottle/Nipple/Straw Brush

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Bottle Cleansing

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❤️The set consists of 3pcs of brushes: 1x bottle brush, 1x nipple brush & 1x straw brush (note: the handle design of straw brush is random, either kitty or mouse)
❤️Material: ABS plastic (handles), food-grade silicone (brush heads), stainless steel
❤️Size: 32cm length (bottle brush), 20cm length (nipple brush), 18cm length (kitty straw brush)/19cm length (mouse straw brush)
❤️Usage temperature: 80degC (handles), 220degC (brush heads)
❤️Application: for cleaning baby bottles, kids bottles, and adult bottles
❤️Advantages of using silicone brush compared to conventional bristle/sponge brush: the brush heads can be removed from the handles and sterilized in boiling water separately to kill germs, and the soft silicone brush ribs will not cause scratches on the surface of plastic bottles
❤️Our silicone brush heads are made of high-density cleaning ribs in all directions including the tip of the brush. The brushing ribs are so soft and able to squeeze through small bottle openings & difficult-to-access areas, for example, the corners and bottom of the bottles and the tip of nipples
❤️The straw brush can be used to clean small tubing for straw bottles, breast pump accessories, holes on the nipples, etc
❤️The handle for the bottle brush can be rotated freely to create centrifugal cleaning action
❤️Holes are provided on the bottle brush, nipple brush and straw brush for hanging on hooks
❤️For daily cleaning, rinse the brushes thoroughly and hang them up to air dry. The silicone brush heads can be sterilized by boiling them in water for 3 minutes. Prior to sterilization, please remove the brush heads from the handles (do not sterilize the handles)
❤️Made in China