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Baby Toddler Bowl Feeding Snack Soup With Suction Straw Multi Purpose Hogokids

Baby Toddler Bowl Feeding Snack Soup With Suction Straw Multi Purpose Hogokids

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🎁 Free gift: 1pc disposable bib (random design)
✔️Size : Width 15.8cm x Height 9cm
✔️Material : Plastic PP, silicone rubber
✔️Usage temperature : 100degC
✔️Recommended for 4 months and above 
✔️3 types of uses: Straw bowl, snack bowl, normal feeding bowl
✔️Straw bowl (soup bowl): Click the filter and straw into position in the bowl. With the filter, the bowl is very useful for your baby to drink any liquids (eg. soup or milk) without small bits of food.
✔️Snack bowl: Place the snack cover onto the bowl. Your baby can reach through the cover and grab snacks without fear as the cover is made of soft rubber that is gentle on skin. Snack cover reduces chance of spilling snacks out of the bowl even upside down 
✔️There is a lid to cover the food when your baby is not eating
✔️Comes with removable suction base. Good for active babies and toddlers who like to push, drop or pour away the food in their bowls. To release the suction, lift up the easy-release tab. No more messy dining tables!
✔️The suction base is separable for washing. The bowl can be used on its own without the suction base too
✔️The handles allow you to hold the bowl firmly and won't feel hot anymore when carrying the hot food
✔️Manufactured in China
✔️Packaging : Comes with packaging box
✔️Hogokids is a Hong Kong brand based in China with more than 10 years of R&D and production experience in kids products, especially specialized in feeding category. As the authorized retailer in Singapore, 8miles is working directly with the brand to bring in their quality products to the parents of Singapore. We can assure you quick delivery, guaranteed quality and prompt customer service locally