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[Free Extra Straw] Crown Kids Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle With Straw 280ml Thermal Vacuum Cup Diller

[Free Extra Straw] Crown Kids Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle With Straw 280ml Thermal Vacuum Cup Diller

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🎁Free gift: 1pc extra spout (for normal through-hole drinking). Please find the extra spout inside the packaging box or inside the bottle
❤️Capacity & type of bottle: 280ml with straw
❤️Material: stainless steel SUS316, PP plastic, silicone rubber. The bottle is made of premium stainless steel SUS-316 which has excellent corrosion and chemical resistance. SUS-316 is a superior grade to the commonly used SUS-304
❤️Operating temperature: -20 to 110degC
❤️Size: Diameter 8cm x Height 17cm x Width of handles 14cm. Weight: approx 265g
❤️The bottle comes with both handles and a shoulder strap. Handles and shoulder strap configurations are interchangeable easily for the purpose of home use or outings
❤️Able to keep warm for long hours, good for children to use in air-conditioned environments (childcare centres) or travelling to cold countries. Keep warm capability test: measured 56degC (after 6 hours) and 43degC (after 12 hours) with an initial water temperature of 95degC
❤️The purple silicone rubber plug also acts as a temperature-sensing indicator. When the water temperature is too hot for drinking (approx above 50degC), the rubber plug will turn into pinkish colour to warn you about the hot water
❤️Comes with a gravity ball to allow young children to drink easily from all angles. The 2 different drinking straws are helpful for children with different drinking habits. For younger children who just transited from baby bottle nipples, the original straw with slit opening mimics the baby bottle nipples with slower water flow and the water will flow only when chewing on it. For older children, the extra through-hole spout will allow faster water flow
❤️Replacement straw is available to purchase separately, please visit our store and search for "replacement straw" and select straw Set N (with slit or through-hole)
❤️Packaging: Premium cardboard box packaging, great for gift
❤️Manufactured in China by Diller. Diller is specialized in designing and manufacturing bottles with 13 years of industrial experience since 2009. As Diller's authorized retailer in Singapore, we work closely with Diller to handpick the best products from their collection which are suitable for Singapore market. At 8miles, all bottles will be inspected before sending to ensure that bottles reach you in good condition