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[Free Extra Stylus] Kids LCD Writing Pad Drawing Tablet Colourful Early Learning Electronic Drawing Board Study Portable

[Free Extra Stylus] Kids LCD Writing Pad Drawing Tablet Colourful Early Learning Electronic Drawing Board Study Portable

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🎁Free gift: 1x spare stylus at random colour (total 2x stylus including the original), 1x spare battery CR2016, 1x screw driver
❤️A great educational toy and perfect gift for 3 years old and above
❤️When your little one starts his/her writing or doodling journey, they will need a writing pad that will further boost their interest. This LCD writing board is all they need. It is simply super cute! It is easy to use and carry around, avoids exposure to the bright laptop screen which is harmful to their eyes, eliminates wasting of papers, and avoids the messiness of conventional chalk and marker pens
❤️It is made of colour liquid crystal film. Your kid will amaze by the colourful screen when writing on it! The trace of writing is of soft brightness that will not hurt their eyes even for a long duration of exposure
❤️Comes with a lock button. When switching to "LOCK" position, the erase button will not be able to erase the content on board. It is very useful to prevent accidental deletion of your kid's artwork
❤️Easy-to-use erase button. Erase the unwanted content instantly just with a single click. It is fast and less messy compared to conventional eraser
❤️The casing is made of tough ABS plastic, making the writing board resistant to cracking during drops. There are hand-gripping flaps (for example the pincer of the crab design) on the edges of the casing for your kid to grip easily. The flaps are made of flexible soft silicone rubber which is gentle for little hands and will not crack easily when falling
❤️When not in use, snap the stylus behind the board to keep it together with the board. Moreover, we give 1pc spare stylus in case of misplacing the original one
❤️Lightweight (around 145g to 180g) and portable. The thickness of the board is about 1cm. Good size to keep inside school bag. Bring it along to school, outings, excursions, holidays, and everywhere they go
❤️Comes with colour-printed box packaging. Great for gift
❤️Made in China
❤️Note: The screen is pressure sensitive. You may see traces of press marks on the screen when you first receive it. Those marks are caused by the delivery handling and are not harmful to the board (it is the same as writing with a stylus). Switch the lock to unlock position, press erase button to clear the press marks