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Leather Coin Pouch Wallet

Leather Coin Pouch Wallet

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❤️Made of high quality PU leather and metal hardware
❤️Long-lasting metal zipper will puller for easy zipping and carrying
❤️Available in 3 types of designs: single pocket, slotted pocket and 3-fold
❤️For single pocket design, there is a zipper pocket for coins and notes. Card slots are at the back of the wallet (external). Convenient for keeping bus card, student pass, bank cards etc and access easily
❤️For the slotted pocket design, there is a zipper pocket with slotted compartments. The slots can be opened widely for accessing the items easily. The compartments are helpful to organise the cards, coins and notes. For example, segregate different values of notes and coins to help your kid to find their money quickly
❤️For the 3-fold design, there is a side compartment for notes, a button closure 3-fold compartment with card slots and photo slot, and a coin compartment with a clasp that can access easily from external
❤️Suitable for kids and all ages. Get one for meimei (little princess in primary), jiejie (elder princess in secondary) & yourself!
❤️Made in China