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Kids Training Chopsticks Progressive Easy to Use

Kids Training Chopsticks Progressive Easy to Use

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🎁Free gift: 1pc disposable bib (random design)
✔️Consists of a main pair of chopsticks and 3 rubber rings. Able to remove rubber rings to wash chopsticks and rings separately or use without the rings
✔️Size: Width 5.4cm x Height 17.4cm (Bee version), Width 17.2cm x Length 4.95cm (Cow version)
✔️Material : ABS, Silicone rubber (BPA free)
✔️Usage temperature: Up to 80degC (chopsticks), up to 100degC (rubber rings)
✔️Recommended for 24 months and above
✔️3 progressive stages: 1. With 3 rings, your child can familiarise themselves with holding chopsticks in the correct position. 2. Remove the middle finger ring. This allows your child to practice using their middle finger when using chopsticks. 3. Remove the index finger ring. Your child can get used to using both their index and middle fingers to use chopsticks. A gradual learning process that lets your child transition smoothly at their own pace, to using chopsticks without aid!
✔️Ends of the chopsticks have a golf club shape for a bigger surface area to make it easier to pick up food. There are ridges on the inner sides of the chopstick and the curve of the golf club shape fits into the curve of the bottom of bowls, for ease of picking up food.
✔️Chopsticks able to widen 40 degrees wide. Pick up any size of food!
✔️Manufactured in China
✔️Packaging : Comes with packaging
✔️Hogokids is a Hong Kong brand based in China with more than 10 years of R&D and production experience in kids products, especially specialized in feeding category. As the authorized retailer in Singapore, 8miles is working directly with the brand to bring in their quality products to the parents of Singapore. We can assure you quick delivery, guaranteed quality and prompt customer service locally