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V-Coool Reusable Ice Pack for Breastmilk/ Baby Food

V-Coool Reusable Ice Pack for Breastmilk/ Baby Food

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❤️Material: Plastic HDPE (hard casing), Nylon-PE (ice bag), non-toxic solidifier powder (inside the casing, please DO NOT pour out the powder)
❤️Available in 6 different designs to suit your needs. Refer to the selection chart below. Choose the appropriate design to fit the number of milk storage bottles or bags. Please consider the size of your cooler bag to accommodate the given ice packs' dimensions
❤️You will receive the ice pack in dry condition. Please refer to the video above or the instruction label on the items. For Blue/Yellow/Green/4-leaf clover/Ice Bag ice packs, you will need to fill water for the first use (fill for 1 time only, do not need to refill). For Mini ice packs, it is pre-filled, do not need to fill water
❤️The approximate keep cold duration for 2pcs of ice packs is 8-12 hours (Blue/Yellow/Green/4-leaf clover), 4-6 hours (Mini), ~4 hours (Polar/Pink bear ice bag), ~6 hours (silver ice bag) when using with V-Coool cooler bags. Adding additional ice bags to the hard casing ice packs will prolong the duration by approximately 2 hours (Polar/Pink bear) or 3 hours (Silver) per each ice bag used. At least 2pcs of ice packs are recommended for prolonged usage hours. Use of 1pc ice pack will shorten the duration by half.
❤️Reusable. Store in freezer when not in use. It is long-lasting for long term usage
❤️Use of PVC waterproof inner bag is optional but highly recommended as it will protect your cooler bag from the condensed water droplets
❤️Manufactured by V-Coool China, a professional supplier specialising in cooler bags & breastfeeding accessories for over 10 years of experience. With their strict quality system, V-Coool is supplying their products to North America, Europe and Southeast Asia
❤️Now, you can buy V-Coool products from 8miles as we are V-Coool authorized retailer in Singapore. All stocks are available locally in Singapore. We can assure you of fast delivery, guaranteed quality and prompt customer service locally